My name is Giuliano Troiani and I am the owner and designer of Troiani which I established in 2019. I first became passionate about design in 2016 and since then have been following and fulfilling my dream of making my art form accessible to others.

Troiani has been built upon a dream that I had to start my own fashion enterprise. I feel strongly that dreaming is vital and that everyone should follow and fulfil their dreams and desires. To do that, you have to think differently and have the courage to break away from what is seen to be reality and do your own thing. This is the message I’d like to get across through my designs – it’s about being different and making a difference.

My designs attract attention so it takes a level of self-confidence and a willingness to be in the spotlight in order to wear them and that’s exactly my intention! People who wear my designs are fashion forerunners and trendsetters.

Not one of my pieces came about by accident; each has a special story, from its conception to its completion. Every piece of clothing conveys a specific message and much thought has been put into what I wanted to say with each design. I am especially inspired by various experiences and feelings and want to reflect that in the particular garment.